Cold Steel Inferno .38 oz. Keyring Hardcase Unit Pepper Spray
Cold Steel Inferno .38 oz. Keyring Hardcase Unit Pepper Spray

Cold Steel Inferno .38 oz. Keyring Hardcase Unit Pepper Spray


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Product Description

Inferno is a new pepper canister weapon from Cold Steel that will turn the biggest, meanest, most violent criminal into helpless molten wax at your feet. Unlike other pepper sprays you may have heard about, Inferno deploys a highly targetable foam that contains 8% Oleoresin Capsicum and 2% black pepper. It dissolves into a liquid on contact (this liquefaction effect is tactically important, since other sprays remain “foamy” -like a pie in the face-and make it possible for your assailant to wipe the foam from his face and chuck it at you). One good shot in the face with Inferno will dilate the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness. It will induce choking, coughing and nausea and most importantly trigger and immediate and massive sneeze reflex (due to the atomized black pepper particles) that will drag the super hot Habanero chili extract deep into the mucous membranes of the sinus cavities of the nose, throat and lungs causing them to swell up and prevent all but desperate life support breathing. In short Inferno will melt any attacker(s) into the ground and leave them totally incapacitated for a considerable period of time giving you ample opportunity to escape and summon the police.DescriptionInferno .38 ox. (11.3 Gram) Keyring Unit


  • Highly Targetable and easy to hit your target accurately indoors or outdoors with Inferno
  • Not overly sticky
  • Safe – Inferno’s unique formulation will not blister the skin or burn the corneas of the eyes
  • High Quality – Unlike other brands, Inferno uses the absolute best HFC134A aerosol propellant
  • This item is not for sale in certain states