Fozzils ThinkFLAT Solo Pack

Fozzils ThinkFLAT Solo Pack

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Product Description

A complete 1 person set (Cup, Bowl, Dish and Spoon) in its own super thin and and light reusable container. The Solo Pack has everything you need (ThinkFLAT Cup, Bowl, Dish, and Spoon) for a hike, picnic, or round the world adventure in one slim package. Integrated packaging doubles as a super thin storage case – keeping your Fozzils clean, organized, and separate from other gear (it can also be used as a handy prep tray or cutting board). The perfect all-in-one solution!


  • Made from a high quality, recyclable, food-safe polypropylene
  • Heat resistant to 110 degrees C (230 degrees F) which is slightly above boiling temperature
  • Items have non-stick surfaces and unfold for easy cleaning
  • Its unique properties making it highly suitable for folding and re-folding without breakage