Water Preserver Concentrate

Water Preserver Concentrate


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With Water Preserver Concentrate you can safely store emergency drinking water for 5 YEARS. Water Preserver is a proprietary formula of stabilized, ph-balanced sodium hypochlorite with highly effective residual action that kills bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. This product can be used with regular tap water or bottled drinking water, using containers or drums suitable for drinking water storage. Easy to follow directions included with each bottle. Use only as directed. Eliminates Replacing Water Every 3-6 Months Proven In Over 10 Years Of Testing And Use Purifies And Keeps Water Bacteriologically Safe U.S. EPA, And State Registered Safe and Effective #1 Recommended Product by Emergency Professionals 1 oz Bottle per 55 gallon drum 8-16 drops per gallon for smaller containers … see instructions


  • Water Preserver Conentrate added to fresh drinking water will allow it to be safety stored for an emergency up to 5 years!
  • Proprietary formula and strict laboratory analysis insure potenc
  • Safely treat and store water for 5 years without rotation.
  • The first and only product accepted and proven safe for 5-year water storage Proven effective in over 12 years of testing and use Recognized and licensed by U.S. and state EPA’s